MONTHLY EVENING MEETINGS at The Grammar School, Market Place, entrance via Little Park Gardens and Wilford Close. Park in school playground. Meetings start at 7.45 pm. 

    Thurs. 12th   Sept.       Every Contact Leaves a Trace – Chris Truran   

    Thurs. 10th   Oct.         All Things Banned and Censored – Peter and Christine Padwick

    Thurs. 14th   Nov.        Biking Birder – Gary Prescott

    Thurs. 12th   Dec.        Annual General Meeting      

    AFTERNOON MEETINGS at Holtwhites Sports and Social Club, Kirkland Drive, Holtwhites Hill, Enfield. Park in Kirkland Drive. Meetings start at 2.00 pm. 

    Wed. 16th   Oct.        The Giggly Pig Company – Tracy Mackness

    Wed. 20th   Nov.       Memories of Chase Farm part 2. The Hospitals – Frank Bayford 

    LONDON OUTING – for Members

    Sat. 13th     July     A Walk through City Courtyards and Alleyways with Diane Burstein

    Mon. 2nd      Sept.    Skinners’ Hall  

    SPRING & SUMMER OUTINGS – for Members

    Tue. 23rd     July     Wimpole Hall 

    Tues. 6th       Aug.    The Thames at War - Cruise and Lunch

    Fri. 6th       Sept.    Peckover House, (National Trust), and Octavia Hill Museum, Wisbech  


    Thurs. 24th     Oct.     The Cinema Museum