Donations to National Trust 2015 – 2016


Danbury Common £100           National Appeal


Dunwich Heath £350           Weather Station Equipment


Flatford Mill £800           ‘Getting Retail Outdoors’, (Display Stand), & Litter Bins


Houghton Mill £360           Picnic Table


Melford Hall £540           Plant Display Table


Willow Road £350           *


Polesden Lacey £500           *


Petworth £500           *


Claydon £500           *


Chartwell £500           Churchill’s belongings Appeal

* We receive lists from the properties 4 times per year. We then decide which
particular appeal to donate to. Sometimes, the appeals are fully funded, so we
either decide to re-allocate monies (can be a time consuming process), or just
let the properties decide for themselves where to spend it. Rest assured, all
of our donations go to a very good cause!

Donations to National Trust 2014 – 2015

Anglesey Abbey £5,000 Skylight Garden (Includes £3,000 in Legacies)

East of England Region £200 International Conference

Brancaster £750 Wetsuits for Activity Centre

Melford Hall £1,000 Furniture Straps, Radios, Bits Boxes

Wicken Fen £260 Bird Monitoring Equipment

Sutton Hoo £500 Oak Bench and Cushions

Enfield National Trust Association

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