Donations to National Trust 2017 – 2018

    Two bursaries to Brancaster Activity Centre- £708 This will enable children from a less affluent background to experience an opportunity of a lifetime. Have a look at:

    Wildlife Discovery Cabin at Hoe Fen, Anglesey Abbey- £500 Once used as an area to rear game birds, Hoe Fen was a seldom visited part of the gardens. In just a few short years its been transformed into a haven for wildlife and an area for creative natural play. A few minutes walk from the Visitors’ Centre. 

    Fen Cottage at Wicken Fen  (Repairs) - £500. Forever, for everyone means exactly what it says. Our donation helped in repairing the Cottage.

    Picnic Table at Hatfield Forest- £699. You can never have enough picnic tables and seats in general, especially in such lovely surroundings!

    Braille Guide for Felbrigg- £250
    . It’s easy to forget that not all have the gift of good eyesight. NT tries to accommodate as many disabilities as possible.

    ShireHorse Project at Wimpole- £200. The Shire horse is a rare breed,categorised as ‘at risk’ on the rare breed register, meaningthere are less than 1,500 breeding females left in the world.At Wimpole theyare very much working towards keeping this magnificent breed alive.Five Shire horsesare used for carriage
    rides, experience days and ridden work.The horses spend their days either out in the field, working, or on display at the farm so thatvisitors get a chance to say hello. Plans are to expand their work into agricultural jobs such as harrowing and ploughing. Pictures at:

    Drain Jetter for Blickling- £200. It’s not all exciting and picturesque at National Trust. As with any building, you have to look after the basics, and this Jetter will help to keep the drains clear! 

    And of course we gave money to Flatford for our Bird Hide – Further information in the next newsletter.

    Donations to National Trust 2016 – 2017

    Twice a year at our committee meetings, we decide where we are going to give the proceeds from our outings.
    We receive a ‘wish list’ from our Regional Office with details of various projects that the properties would like to proceed with.  Recently, we decided to donate £500 each towards the following National Trust Appeals, with the exception of the Horsey Windpump, which will receive £510.

    Wicken Fen.

    It's good to talk! With the ranger team out on all parts of the reserve, often lone working, whether checking our ponies and cattle, or engaged in tasks such as mowing, scrub clearing or clearing ditches, it is essential for safety that communications are reliable. A myriad of tasks will also be speeded up with good communications, information for visitors got through to the Visitor Centre quickly - e.g. where are the horses, interesting or rare bird sighted. A radio system will enable all staff and volunteers to contact each other and the offices, without falling foul of mobile 'no coverage' areas.

    Melford Hall.

    As Melford gets busier it is more difficult for us to offer facilities for getting visitors with mobility difficulties upstairs. We would like to develop a virtual tour so that no-one misses out on the upstairs of the house and its stories.

    Hatfield Forest. 

    Following the loss of Molly, my own (our ranger’s) working dog a few years back, we have struggled to round our sheep up as efficiently without a dog. We are looking into the possibility of buying a trained dog for our sheep management.


    With a growing group of volunteers in the countryside we’re finding that we need to buy more tools! We’re looking to buy a powerful new Stihl strimmer which will be a great help in managing our paths and verges and keep Blickling looking great for our visitors.

    Horsey Windpump. 

    Horsey Windpump, in Norfolk, is being restored and our ambition is that it will be the only working windpump in the Broads and celebrates our engineering history. We are currently restoring the cap and sails. The next step is to install the shutters on to the sails (the blades which catch the wind and make the sails turn), install the gearing and metalwork - the ‘spider’ and ‘striking gear’ - which move the shutters, and overhaul the main shaft and cogs which will eventually engage with the turbine. We are seeking sponsorship of individual shutters (108 shutters at £170 each) and cogs for the brake and crown wheels (148 cogs at £45 each). 

    Enfield has donated £510 for three shutters.

    Donations to National Trust 2015 – 2016


    Danbury Common £100           National Appeal


    Dunwich Heath £350           Weather Station Equipment


    Flatford Mill £800           ‘Getting Retail Outdoors’, (Display Stand), & Litter Bins


    Houghton Mill £360           Picnic Table


    Melford Hall £540           Plant Display Table


    Willow Road £350           *


    Polesden Lacey £500           *


    Petworth £500           *


    Claydon £500           *


    Chartwell £500           Churchill’s belongings Appeal

    * We receive lists from the properties 4 times per year. We then decide which
    particular appeal to donate to. Sometimes, the appeals are fully funded, so we
    either decide to re-allocate monies (can be a time consuming process), or just
    let the properties decide for themselves where to spend it. Rest assured, all
    of our donations go to a very good cause!

    Donations to National Trust 2014 – 2015

    Anglesey Abbey £5,000 Skylight Garden (Includes £3,000 in Legacies)

    East of England Region £200 International Conference

    Brancaster £750 Wetsuits for Activity Centre

    Melford Hall £1,000 Furniture Straps, Radios, Bits Boxes

    Wicken Fen £260 Bird Monitoring Equipment

    Sutton Hoo £500 Oak Bench and Cushions