Firstly, may I wish you all a Happy and Peaceful New Year.

     This is a new year for us at ENTA in many ways – with our three newish committee members settling down very well in their roles. Firstly, Wendy Knowles organised for us last year some off the beaten track venues and this year is just as exciting. I’m booking the London Transport Museum Depot, being a transport buff (or nerd!). Anyone remotely interested at all in what I would loosely call ‘sewing’, must visit Hand and Lock Atelier, together with the nearby All Saints Church. 

     Our speaker programme, thanks to Faith Lovell, is exciting with many varied subjects. In particular, I am looking forward to hearing more about Amy Johnson – a truly remarkable lady. Tragically she died in disputed circumstances in the second war whilst ferrying planes around the country, aged only 38. What would she have achieved had she lived? This is one of the great things about our afternoon and evening talks, always something different and always something interesting. Not just the ‘usual arts and culture’ subjects, but every year I certainly learn a lot from our meetings. I usually find that the subjects that appeal least, have the most to offer. Please don’t be put off because it’s a subject that doesn’t hold any interest for you. There is something for each and every one of us.

     Last, but by no means the least of our three ‘newbies’ is Lorraine Hawkins, outings organiser. We are going to have to curb our enthusiasm for this year’s full programme because some of the venues that Lorraine wishes to book haven’t got their booking systems completely in place. I can say that Red House, William Morris’s family home in Bexleyheath is well worth visiting, as Megan Tanner told us at our AGM. Haven’t been for a number of years, and as the only house designed specifically for Morris by Philip Webb, has plenty of original features. The outings for the rest of the year will be advertised on our website, with bookings available in the next and subsequent newsletters.If you haven’t done so recently, do tell your friends about us, not forgetting that they can come along as visitors for a small charge.